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Thermal Imaging Fire Detection Camera

Long-Range Fire Detection System Using Infra-red Camera Fire EYE

Fire detection cameras

   Fire-EYE is a thermal imagery infrared camera system, specially designed not only for round-the-clock forest fire monitoring but also for unmanned urban fire detection and warning. This is also used for remote fire detection, LRF or GPS-based accurate fire distance calculation, and GIS-based fire position mapping.

Major features

⊙ Ignition point temperature display
⊙ Excellent panoramic image focus
⊙ Thermal imagery transmission and sequential
CCD image transmission
⊙ User-friendly interface
⊙ Equipped with the power software engine for early fire detection
⊙ Fire distance calculation and GIS service (Optional)
⊙ Wind direction and velocity based fire forecast information supply


⊙ Forest fire detection
⊙ Urban fire detection
⊙ Cultural asset and structure fire detection
⊙ Gas and Oil refineries, and oil field facilities monitoring
⊙ Nuclear facilities monitoring

External Dimension (incl. P/T) 530mmx310mmx510mm
Net Weight (incl. P/T) 31kg
Detection Distance more than 2km
Detection Speed within 10 seconds
Operating Temp -20℃~+50℃
Control Angle 355˚, Vertically -60˚~+30˚
Rated Voltage AC 220V
Rated Power 200W
Rated Frequency (Hz) 60Hz
Communication Method RS-485, Ethenet

Fire detection cameras