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LED Discharge Indication Lamp

Led discharge indication lamp

   This is an indication lamp with strobe lights and high-brightness LED to maximize visual effects. This product is attached to the entrance of the area where extinguishing gas is discharged and is turned on when the gas starts to be discharged. If this lamp is on, that means the gas is released in the area and the people should evacuate the area to make sure that no one is in the area.

Product features

⊙ Maximizes visual effect by using strobe lights and high-brightness LED
⊙ Embedded with LED displays and strobe lights
⊙ Has dual visual effects through flickering strobe lights
⊙ Can be used for computer rooms and medicine storage rooms

Model CS-DL02
External dimensions 400mm×150×60mm
Power DC24V
Power consumption 4~9W
LED field up down left right 4side

Led discharge indication lamp